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The Haematological Malignancy Research Network provides information about leukaemias, lymphomas, myelomas, and related blood disorders. Our statistics are based on data from the UK, and use the World Health Organization’s Classification for Oncology (ICD-O-3) which currently recognises over 100 different haematological malignancy subtypes.

If you are a participant in our research, you can find more information on our patient hub,

What's new?

New HMRN publications

Lymphoid blood cancers, incidence and survival 2005-2023: A report from the UK’s Haematological Malignancy Research Network

Cancer Epidemiology

Read it here

Predicting cytopenias, progression, and survival in patients with clonal cytopenia of undetermined significance: a prospective cohort study

The Lancet Haematology

Read it here

Blood Cancer Research Open Day

We were delighted to host an open day on Saturday 28th October 2023 at the University of York.  The talks can be accessed here

Network members

NHS haematology staff in the HMRN clinical network can access the members' section here (active HMRN account required)

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