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Roman and Smith 2020.

Leukaemias: Understanding pathogenesis through similarities and differences

Eve Roman,  Alexandra Smith.

World Cancer Report: Cancer Research for Cancer Prevention, 477-484.
International Agency for Research on Cancer.
ISBN: 978-92-832-0448-0.

CP Wild,  E Weiderpass,  BW Stewart (eds).

Roman et al. 2018.


Eve Roman,  Alexandra Smith,  Lorelai Mucci.

Textbook of Cancer Epidemiology, 673-690.
Oxford University Press.
ISBN: 978-0-19-067682-7.

H Adami,  D Hunter,  P Lagiou,  L Mucci (eds).

Roman and Smith 2013.

Epidemiology of Myeloma

Eve Roman,  Alexandra Smith.

Myeloma: Pathology, Diagnosis and Treatment, 1-10.
Cambridge University Press.
ISBN: 978-1-107-01057-4.

S Schley,  KL Yong,  R Marcus,  KC Anderson (eds).

Roman and Smith 2013.


Eve Roman,  Alexandra Smith.

Lymphoma: Pathology, Diagnosis and Treatment, 1-11.
Cambridge University Press.
ISBN: 978-1-107-01059-8.

R Marcus,  JW Sweetenham,  ME Williams (eds).