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Clinical and prognostic

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Crouch et al. 2022.

Molecular subclusters of follicular lymphoma: a report from the UK's Haematological Malignancy Research Network

Simon Crouch,  Daniel Painter,  Sharon L. Barrans,  Eve Roman,  Philip A Beer,  Susanna L Cooke,  Paul Glover,  Suzan JL Van Hoppe,  Nichola Webster,  Stuart E Lacy,  Camilo Ruiz,  Peter J Campbell,  Daniel J Hodson,  Russell Patmore,  Cathy Burton,  Alexandra Smith,  Reuben M Tooze.

Blood Advances

Martinez-Calle et al. 2021.

Systemic ALCL Treated in Routine Clinical Practice: Outcomes Following First-Line Chemotherapy from a Multicentre Cohort

Nicolas Martinez-Calle,  Amy A. Kirkwood,  Maxine Lamb,  Alex Smith,  Jahanzaib Khwaja,  Kate Manos,  Caroline Shrubsole,  Nicola Gray,  Katharine Lewis,  Ann Tivey,  Mark J. Bishton,  Eliza Hawkes,  Matthew J. Ahearne,  Wendy Osborne,  Graham P. Collins,  Timothy Illidge,  Kim M. Linton,  Kate Cwynarski,  Cathy Burton,  Christopher P. Fox.

Advances in Therapy

Watad et al. 2021.

Somatic Mutations and the Risk of Undifferentiated Autoinflammatory Disease in MDS: An Under-Recognized but Prognostically Important Complication

Abdulla Watad,  Mark Kacar,  Nicola Luigi Bragazzi,  Qiao Zhou,  Miriam Jassam,  Jan Taylor,  Eve Roman,  Alexandra Smith,  Richard A. Jones,  Howard Amital,  Catherine Cargo,  Dennis McGonagle,  Sinisa Savic.

Frontiers in Immunology
Volume: 12.

Lamb et al. 2021.

Health impact of monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis (MBL): findings from a UK population-based cohort

Maxine JE Lamb,  Alexandra Smith,  Daniel Painter,  Eleanor Kane,  Timothy Bagguley,  Robert Newton,  Debra Howell,  Gordon Cook,  Ruth de Tute,  Andrew Rawstron,  Russell Patmore,  Eve Roman.

BMJ Open
Volume: 11, Issue: 2, Pages: e041296.

Lamb et al. 2019.

Hodgkin lymphoma detection and survival: findings from the Haematological Malignancy Research Network

Maxine JE Lamb,  Eve Roman,  Debra A. Howell,  Eleanor Kane,  Timothy Bagguley,  Cathy Burton,  Russell Patmore,  Alexandra G. Smith.

Volume: 3, Issue: 4.

McCulloch et al. 2018.

Receiving treatment at a specialist centre confers an overall survival benefit for patients with mantle cell lymphoma

Rory McCulloch,  Alexandra Smith,  Nicola Crosbie,  Russell Patmore,  Simon Rule.

British Journal of Haematology
Volume: 0, Issue: 0.

Smith et al. 2018.

Impact of novel therapies for mantle cell lymphoma in the real world setting: a report from the UK's Haematological Malignancy Research Network (HMRN)

Alexandra Smith,  Eve Roman,  Simon Appleton,  Debra Howell,  Rod Johnson,  Cathy Burton,  Russell Patmore.

British Journal of Haematology
Volume: 181, Issue: 2, Pages: 215-228.

Smith et al. 2015.

Impact of age and socioeconomic status on treatment and survival from aggressive lymphoma: a UK population-based study of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Alexandra Smith,  Simon Crouch,  Debra Howell,  Cathy Burton,  Russell Patmore,  Eve Roman.

Cancer Epidemiology
Volume: 39, Issue: 6, Pages: 1103-1112.

Painter et al. 2015.

The clinical impact of staging bone marrow examination on treatment decisions and prognostic assessment of lymphoma patients

Dan Painter,  Alexandra Smith,  Ruth de Tute,  Simon Crouch,  Eve Roman,  Andrew Jack.

British Journal of Haematology
Volume: 170, Issue: 2, Pages: 175-178.

Smith et al. 2015.

Lymphoma incidence, survival and prevalence 2004–2014: sub-type analyses from the UK’s Haematological Malignancy Research Network

A. Smith,  S. Crouch,  S. Lax,  J. Li,  D. Painter,  D. Howell,  R. Patmore,  A. Jack,  E. Roman.

British Journal of Cancer
Volume: 112, Issue: 9, Pages: 1575-1584.