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Hewison et al. 2020.

Experiences of living with chronic myeloid leukaemia and adhering to tyrosine kinase inhibitors: A thematic synthesis of qualitative studies

Ann Hewison,  Karl Atkin,  Dorothy McCaughan,  Eve Roman,  Alex Smith,  Graeme Smith,  Debra Howell.

European Journal of Oncology Nursing
Volume: 45, Pages: 101730.

Howell et al. 2011.

Haematological malignancy: are patients appropriately referred for palliative and hospice care? A systematic review and meta-analysis of published data

D.A. Howell,  R. Shellens,  E. Roman,  A.C. Garry,  R. Patmore,  M.R. Howard.

Palliative Medicine
Volume: 25, Issue: 6, Pages: 630-641.

Howell et al. 2010.

Destined to die in hospital? Systematic review and meta-analysis of place of death in haematological malignancy

D.A. Howell,  E. Roman,  H. Cox,  A.G. Smith,  R. Patmore,  A.C. Garry,  M.R. Howard.

BMC Palliative Care
Volume: 9, Issue: 1, Pages: 9.